Skin Deep - Laser Pain Treatment:

Skin Deep - Laser Pain Treatment: Pain relief at the speed of light is offered by some new technology that has cure that goes more than just skin deep.
A new FDS Cold Laser Treatment is proving it's success by curing everything from headaches to arthritis in less than ten minutes.
Certified Laser Technician Holly Wright says, "it works because we're not masking the pain we are actually healing at a cellular level. Going to deep areas where we weren't able to reach before but we can today"
A small device gives a dosage of low-powered laser to your damaged cells. The infrared light then stimulates those cells deep within the tissue, reducing inflammation and stabilizing nerve endings.
Some say this is a gateway to a number of ailments, whether you have back pain, carpal Tunnel Syndrome, even treating people with Tendonitis.
This new cutting-edge treatment uses no knife or sedatives and after just seven minutes of treatment you are on your way to pain free living,
Many insurance companies won't cover this treatment because it is still considered experimental. Some doctors consider the therapy to still be in the trial phase because no no significant cures have been recorded.