Construction Zone Accidents

2-10-06- Construction started back up in January around Interstate 35 and the Red River and crews have started relaying the southbound lane. But troopers say the construction has been contributing factor to 16 accidents in the last few weeks.

They say Friday morning’s accidents are a perfect example of what has been happening. People get scared of the narrow lanes and barriers and lose control. The worse thing is that one accident can cause others.

A moving truck headed south lost control just north of the Red River Friday morning and ran up a construction barrier and flipped. Everyone in the truck was okay, but traffic was a mess. Troopers had to divert drivers around the first mile marker exit and cars were backed up for nearly five miles. And one hour after that accident happened the traffic delays caused a three car pile up four miles north of it.

Along with driving slowly, officials say drivers need to relax while driving through construction zone areas. The I-35 overlay project is expected to be complete by June.