211 Phone Service In Texoma

2-10-06- They have been serving the three county area for four years. It’s quick and easy; you need something quickly but don’t know where to go, you call 211 and they tell you.

For some it is a matter of convenience but as the hurricane season proved, sometimes it’s a matter of survival Friday, 211 Texas celebrated their work in helping thousands of evacuees who ended up in the Texoma area. They held their celebration early Friday since Saturday is a weekend, but every February 11th, 211 tries to raise the awareness in the community for the tool that everyone has but may not know how to use.

211 says they are the ones to call when you don’t know who to call. They can connect you to a database of help programs and organizations. They also recognized the local agencies that take part in the program.

211 is toll-free and is setup to help with non-emergency calls that local enforcement agencies receive, but may be unable to help immediately. 211 service in southern Oklahoma launched last week. Their call center is based in Ada.