Murder Suspect Escapes From Bryan Co.

2-12-06 Three inmates, including Kevin Leon Cross, escaped from the Bryan County Jail around 8pm Saturday night. Two inmates are back in custody, but Cross is still at large and considered armed and dangerous.

In September, Cross was arrested in Mexico with his brother, Gary Wayne Olsen Jr, in connection to the murder of Scotty Dean Sheffield.

Cross was in the jail awaiting trial for first degree murder. He had recently been sentenced to ten years in prison for a previous crime.

Two other inmates escaped with Cross, but Justin Reynolds was taken into custody in Bryan County Saturday night. David Winfield Scott was taken into custody in McKinney later Saturday night.

Authorities say the men overpowered a jailer to escape.

Reynolds was in jail on burglary charges. Scott was in jail on drug charges.

Cross may be armed with pepper spray and is considered dangerous. Anyone with information is asked to call police or 1-866-OHP-TIPS.

Authorities believe Cross is still in the Bryan County area. He is from Bennington and still has family in the county.