Bizzare Animal Attack In Sherman

2-13-06- An unusual animal attack occurred this past weekend in Sherman involving a cat, which did plenty of damage. When you think of animals biting humans, dog or wild animal attacks come to mind. But Sunday, one man says a untamed cat repeatedly lunged at his children before biting him, sending him to the hospital for rabies shots.

Jason Atkins’ two young daughters were playing basketball in their front yard when a small stray cat chased them to the porch. As the cat tried to attack one girl, Jason ran outside, picked up the cat and threw it. But the animal turned back and attacked him biting his left hand twice. Atkins finally got a gun and shot the cat, killing it. Animal control was called to the scene to investigate to see if the cat was rabid. Atkins received seven shots and has five rounds to go.

Animal control sent the cat’s remains to state health services in Austin for testing. The health department says they do not see many cases of rabid animals in this area, but each time an attack occurs the animal must be tested.