Escapee Still at Large - Victim's Family Speaks

Kevin Leon Cross

2-14-06 - Things are getting back to normal in Silo after law enforcement descended on the city amid reports of Kevin Leon Cross in the area. Despite searching from the ground and air, lawmen couldn't find him.

This morning, a high school student left his house on Sixth Street in Silo and noticed a man sleeping in the truck that belonged to the teenager. He did not get a good look at the person's face, but said he was wearing a brown jacket, which is what Cross is believed to be wearing. The teenager went inside to get a gun but when he returned the person was gone.

Authorities shut down the area from Silo Road all the way to the lake. Dogs sniffed the grounds for a scent and helicopters surveyed the area from above looking for the man they considered extremely dangerous. By the afternoon, the search eased up after discovering few leads.

Authorities met with students today and told them to keep their eyes open.