Remembering Our Veterans

Remembering our veterans this morning. Some local students and volunteers are rallying together to show appreciation for American heroes
A variety of activities are planned at the Sam Rayburn Memorial Center in Bonham. It's all a part of National Salute Week, a week dedicated to the hospitalized veterans that served our country proud.
War Veteran Frank Hagedorn says,"" we have a sense of feeling marooned here in a way although we do have a lot of family members we still don't have family. I like to see these kids cause they're like my adopted family"
With 3.8 million veterans hospitalized every year, making sure their legacy is never forgotten is one prescription local volunteers can fill.
This week's honor reminds so many veterans what they fought for. If you would like to volunteer during National Salute Week contact the Bonham VA at (903) 583-6282.