Teacher Rally in Sherman

2-16-06- With primary elections just two weeks away local teachers wanting to make their voices heard are rallying for education Thursday. A non-partisan rally got underway Thursday evening, with more than 100 teachers from Fannin and Grayson County public schools chanting for education. It was not just rallying for change, but for greater awareness of their impact in local communities.

Teachers First News spoke with say they have felt slighted by state legislators in the past few years. They would like to see issues like pay raise and retirement plans be at the top of legislative discussion and upcoming elections.

With Texas primaries just weeks away, they're hoping local candidates will tune in. T he League of Women Voters will be holding a forum for various candidates here at the courthouse on Thursday. T hey are hoping that this rally will propel education to the forefront of discussion.

State representative candidates in district 62 will debate on February 21 at 6:30 p.m. at the Pottsboro High School.