Sulphur Veteran Hospital Renovation

2-16-06- Normally you would not compare the living conditions at a veteran’s center to that of a prison, but according to democrat Wes Hilliard, that is just the case in Oklahoma.

The state representative toured the Sulphur Veterans Center Thursday with Senator Tom Adelson who chairs the senate appropriations and budget subcommittee on health and social services. Hilliard is backing House Bill 2835 saying it will fix the many problems that face two wings of the facility that were built over 83 years ago.

The renovation project could cost around $19.5 million, but Hilliard is encouraging the house to use some of the $600 million in state revenue this year. Renovations would make the facility compliant with ADA regulations and most importantly, making the living situation more comfortable for veterans.

If they pay the cost up front, then the facility would qualify for federal funds would eventually reimburse the state.