Possible Arson in Springer Fire

2-17-06- The Arbuckle Mountain grassfire finally out Friday, but not before it burned over 5,000 acres. Now the Springer Fire Department says they have another suspicious fire on their hands. With the fire out, the department is focusing their attention on how it started.

They say there is nothing in the area that would have ignited the flames accidentally. The area off of Foothill Road is not paved and not traveled very often. It is also not next to the highways and there are no power lines in sight. The problem is since the fire burned in a circle Thursday, they are having a hard time finding the exact starting spot. They are planning to bring investigators in to help.

If this fire turns out to be arson, it will not be the first for Springer this winter fire season. In January investigators found three others were intentionally set.

Currently, Springer has had over 10,000 acres burn this season. It has cost the fire department over $15,000.