Sherman Considers Rail Makeover

1-21-06 - A piece of Sherman's railroad history could become a focal point of the city's future. The city is applying for a preservation grant that would revitalize the historic Interurban railway line. But the project won't include new trains.

The tentative plans include restoring the downtown flavor of the railway that ran from 1901 to 1948. The plans include brick paving down the streets where the trains used to run.

It would give downtown a new feel and look, but the motivation behind it is making the area more accessible to traffic as well as linking the downtown and Austin college areas together.

There would be no trains involved, but if the Tex-DOT assistance is granted, downtown Sherman could be given an early 20th century look when the rail cars used to run through it.

If the application is approved, Tex-DOT would cover 80 percent of the projects cost. But Sherman is one of several cities competing for that money. They'll have to show that it would be best spent here.