Pay Increase For Admore Firefighters

2-22-06- Ardmore firefighters are celebrating this week after receiving an unexpected raise. The department signed a three-year contract with the City Bank in May, but not all of them received raises. The city changed that , making sure everyone is getting paid a fair market price.

The firefighters renewed their contract with the city before a study over what other community firefighters were getting paid could be done. The fraternal order of police used a similar study before signing their contract in January, so now the city is giving the department the same benefit.

Under the new raise, each firefighter will see their pay raise 6.7%. The fraternal order of police says this type of thinking by the city is encouraging to them.

They will start negotiations for next years contract in March. The city is also allowing the fire department to conduct their own comparison study to double check that they are getting paid correctly.