Skin Deep - Restore Your Youth

If you want to look years younger in just twenty minutes, we found a new procedure that's going skin deep to restore your youth.
As Lisa Monahan reports, Radiesse is the newest injectable filler for facial sculpting that can give you longer results than any other treatment.
Let's face it. Everyone wants to look a little younger. Tammy Lillibridge says, " I look in the mirror all the time and it (napalablial folds) bothers me so I want to get it taken care of" and for Genie Howard it's not much different,"I just really feel my cheeks are starting to sag." Tammy and Genie are not alone, like some 3 million Americans, they want to remove signs of aging without ever going under the knife.
That's why Dr. DeAn Strobel of Allure Medical Spa offers a non-surgical procedure called Radiesse, one that helps reshape their youth. Strobel says,"This particular product last one to two years where as other older products like collagen had certain allergies and you have to do allergy testing before use this product doesn't require that and this is usually done in one treatment."
From marking the area and numbing the skin to the actual injection the entire procedure is done within 30 minutes. This new alternative sculpts the cheek, nose, and lip line as the filler is injected. It then grows with current tissue to create new tissue providing immediate and longer lasting results. Strobel says,"I think this is the most instant, most gratifying , most dramatic procedure because the patient can see results immediately."
Looking good as new has a few risks. It's not yet FDA approved for all the face enhancing procedure. The common side effects are itching, swelling, and bruising but Dr. Strobel assures that is gone within the first couple of weeks.
Depending upon how much work is done, the procedure can cost between $600 to $800 and will last up to 2 years.

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