The Taste Of Germany Right Here In Texoma

You won't believe what all is made here in Texoma. We've shown you everything from fishing lures to some unique jewelry. The flavor this week, German sausage from Meunster
Lisa Monahan reports on this hometown favorite.
It started as a family favorite but for the past 35 years Walterscheid Meat Company has been taking a bite out of life in Meunster. For the Walterscheid family, business is more than just making ends meat. Danny Walterscheid says," my mom and dad have put their heart and soul into the business it's the personal touch that I think makes Walterscheid meat better than the rest." They're cooking up an authentic German recipe that folks have sank their teeth into for decades.
Meat Manager Henry Knabe says," we mix the seasoning in until it all mixed in. It's a special blend of seasoning that we use and no one else has our recipe."
With 20 different recipes, digging their hands in is just all apart of the job and Sylvan Waltescheid say," it's the people that work for us make it special,they've developed recipes over the years."
Serving folks a full taste of Germany here in Texoma.