Tornado Sirens Ready to Sound

2-27-06 - The Bryan County EMS has been busy preparing for tornado season. With training spotters, and most importantly repairing the sirens that sound when danger is near.

18 sirens can be spotted in Bryan County and 14 of them are in Durant. They are the horns that sound if a tornado is posing an imminent threat to the area. Calera, Bokchito, and Caddo also have horns. The Bryan County EMS can activate 16 of the 18 sirens once they are giving warning from the National Weather Service. That assures that the most advance warning will be given.

The sirens will ring between three and five minutes when activated. The EMS plans on testing the sirens at noon on Wednesday. The sirens in Calera and Bokchito are activated locally, and all the rest are controlled by Bryan County.