Jewelry Theft at Midway Mall

The following is a news release from the Sherman Police Department.

On 02/27/2006 at approximately 8:00pm Gordon’s jewelry store in Midway Mall was the victim of a theft. The suspects made off with a bracelet that is valued at more than $1,500.00.

According to the report, two Hispanic males entered the store and asked to see a bracelet. They left the store and then returned shortly thereafter asking to see the bracelet a second time. The jewelry store employee took the bracelet out of the display case and showed it to the pair a second time. One of the men asked to see or hold the bracelet.

When the employee let the man hold the bracelet he and his accomplice ran from the store. The employee yelled for bystanders to stop the pair and more than one citizen began chasing the suspects. The citizens chased the suspects into the parking lot.

The suspects got into a vehicle that was described by witnesses as being a newer model (1999 – 2005) Cadillac or Lincoln. Witnesses said the car had tinted windows, was dark red or maroon in color, and sat very low to the ground. The car was also described as having wheels (“rims”) that were very distinctive. The wheels were possibly gold colored and described as possibly being the kind with individual spokes. The suspects were last seen driving south on Texoma Parkway.

The two suspects were described as young Hispanic males. One was described as being 14 to 16 years old and wearing a white t-shirt, blue jeans, and a light blue “cap”. This suspect was also described as “very small”. The second suspect was described as being a Hispanic male possibly wearing a green t-shirt and blue jeans.

Both suspects were said to be wearing their pants so low that their boxer shorts could be seen. Both were described as having short hair and one of the suspects (the report doesn’t say which one and the witness did not specify) was said to have a “Caesar” style haircut.

This case has been assigned to the Criminal Investigation Division and is still under investigation. Anyone who has information regarding the suspects can contact Det. Larry Atherton at 903-892-7290. The suspects face charges of Theft > $1,500.00 which is a State Jail Felony.