Restoring Ardmore History Costing More $

2-28-06 - Before the restoration of Ardmore's Colvert Dairy can begin, the Ardmore Development Authority says they will need at least $1 million. The ADA is hoping the U.S. Congress can provide the funds.

In November the federal government appropriated $200,000 for the project, but the ADA says it isn't enough to renovate and reopen the building as a community resource center.

Now the city is using a Washington lobbyist to try to get the $1 million they need. It would come from the 2007 appropriation bill.

The ADA says this old building is structurally sound and in excellent condition, but since it hasn't been used since 1985, turning it into offices for a resource center will take some time and a lot of money.

Wes Stuckey, Ardmore Development Authority President, says, "There is money appropriated by Congress for a variety of things some of those are questionable, but if they are going to be appropriated for local use we feel we should get our share."

The building owner is willing to sell to the city, but Stuckey wants to make sure Ardmore has the all the money for the project before any deals are made.

The Colvert building was the city's main dairy factory from 1917 until 1985.