Con Artists Target Elderly Couple

2-28-06 - A local couple says they're the victims of scam artists. Men came into their home and stole vital information, all while pretending to be repairmen.

Two men went to the home of a Sherwood Shores couple offering to do some repair work, but it turns out home improvement was not part of the plan.

It was a typical Saturday morning. Harold Boggs and his wife Alice were next door at their daughter's home when two men approached with a sales pitch.

Harold Boggs said, “He said, we put this roof on here and we want to check it out, the warranty is about to run out."

Mr. Boggs didn't fall for the story. He said no, but the men were persistent, eventually following him and his wife back to their home.

"Alice was on the porch and I was down there just under that step here talking to that other guy and he said would you care if I looked in there, and stepped inside. I said that'd be alright."

The man was inside for just moments, and when he left Mr. Boggs' wallet and checkbook were gone.

Roger Braziel, public information officer for the Grayson County Sheriffs Office said, "They were hoping to get a lot more than just a wallet and a check book, but when he went in the other individual kept Mr. Boggs busy outside while the other man looked inside. This was just a crime of opportunity."

But a criminal's big break leaves this retired World War II veteran wondering about ID theft. Strangers now have his Social Security card, driver’s license and credit card.

"I think that’s the ones they pick on, elderly people. I've seen things like that on TV before and I knew better than that. I don't know why. Of course, I never thought about it happening to us."

The Sheriff’s Office recommends you do not do business with repairmen or builders that come to your door unannounced.

If someone does approach you get as much information as you can. That means a physical description and a license plate number.

Mr. Boggs gave the Sheriff's Office a description of the men. They were white males, one in his early 20s. Both were clean cut and driving a dark green or black late-model Chevy truck.