Local Couple Contributing Millions

3-1-06 - A Grayson County couple's generosity has earned them a spot in a national publication, and they have some elite company along with them. Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, and Michael Bloomberg are just some of the names on slate magazine's list of the top 60 philanthropist of 2005. But if you look a little bit further, you'll see a couple of Texomans. Pulling in at number 57 are Lacy and Dorothy Harber.

They live on Lake Texoma and made the list after pledging $20 million in charitable donations. That includes $5 million pledges each to Wilson N. Jones and Texoma Medical Center, money that will be used for campus expansion. The Harber's have lived in the area since 1966 and have been part of several business ventures, including ownership in marinas and the American Bank of Texas. They are avid hunters and spend half the year out hunting, but their home is here and giving to local hospitals is their way of taking care of their neighbors.

The other big donation the Harbers made include $10 million to Abilene Christian University. But they say they are not done. They're planning an endowment to the Scottish Rite Children's Hospital in Dallas and joked that by the time they are completely done, they just may be number one on that list.