Aggressive Dogs on the Attack

3-1-06 - First News reported about a Colbert woman attacked by a Rottweilter this past week, and now another local town is focusing on aggressive dogs after a string of attacks.

The Marietta Police chief says this is the worst case of aggressive dogs the small town has ever seen, and it could soon change the city's leash law.

Whilepatrolling the streets for roaming dogs Cheif Huff says residents are nott keeping their dogs fenced in or on leashes and they are roaming the street, and lately they've been attacking.

Jeffna Mckinney's 11-year old Silky Terrier was killed by a Pit Bull a week ago. And Tuesday night a Rottweiler chased a woman into her vehicle, and Huff's own son bitten on the ankle while he was walking down the street.

Although the offending dog was just a Chihuahua, he still had to get a rabies shot. no matter the size of the dog, Huff along with citizens like McKinney plan to work with the city council to raise the fines on the leash law.

Currently the maximum payment is around one-hundred dollars. It is the only way they see to crack down on the growing problem. The town is also trying to find an animal control officer. They lost their last officer six months ago and have been looking for a replacement.