Teenager implicated in 5 shootings; dies in police shootout

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ARDMORE, OK - "I heard the shots go off," said John W. Powers, an Ardmore resident. "I don't know how many. "

Glass litters the street at Martin Luther King Boulevard and H Street NE where 19-year-old Henry Jackson was killed in a shootout with police around 9:30 Thursday night.

Jackson--the suspect in five shootings--allegedly opened fire on officers during a chase through the city.

Sergeant Ryan Hunnicutt said they have one possible motive for Jackson's actions.

"We have received information that Mister Jackson was using drugs at the time of the shootings," said Hunnicutt. "We're of course looking into that and we'll be waiting for toxicology reports to confirm that."

Police said around 6:30 Thursday evening Jackson shot two ATF agents who were looking for him for his involvement in two prior shootings in the city. One just hours earlier; that victim is recovering.

And one Wednesday night when they said Jackson might have shot a woman in the arm through her car window.

Ardmore police chief Ken Grace said they stopped Jackson before he could hurt anyone else.

"Our main concern was with him running around like he was is what if he would go in a Pizza Hut or convenience store where there were people in there and start shooting people like that so we wanted to bring it to an end and catch him as quickly as we could," said Grace.

While these neighborhood streets are quiet now neighbors said that they experienced the chaos last night here first hand.

"Blowed my mind," said Ardmore resident Roy Dunham. "Kind of scared me, especially when all the police started coming up."

"Cops started coming up and this whole street was covered with police cars," said Powers.

Officers are still investigating a motive for all the shootings. The officers involved in the chase and shooting are on paid leave until the investigation finishes as a matter of policy.