Drug Survey Results Shock Many

3-9-06 - The results from a Plainview students survey about drug and alcohol issues are in. The survey was supposed to help the school board decide if they should consider on a drug testing policy. But school officials say it can now be used for much more, and some results even shocked the students.

Along with other drugs, 15% of students at Plainview said they have tried marijuana. 18% say they tried prescription drugs, and 10% admitted to using inhalants. And ending the list, 4% said they have used steroids. But a relief was they most of the students said they had only dried the drugs once. The students say the survey not only gave them a voice but also a sense of responsibility for whatever the outcome is. Along with the drug questions, 95% of the students feel they are getting a quality education.

And the administration is now aware that a majority of students feel comfortable going to a parent, counselor, or teacher with a problem. The results of the test were presented to the school board at Monday nights meeting.

No word yet on when they may vote on the drug testing issue, but it could come as soon as next month.