Termite Infestation Scare

Be careful when buying mulch. The warning came by email; termite infested mulch from hurricane stricken areas is being shipped across state lines into your local home improvement stores.

The infested mulch rumors are not completely untrue. When the hurricanes washed out Louisiana neighborhoods, the lumber became a home for the formosan termite. And a fear set in that infested timber is being chipped and resold.

But Home Depot issued this statement:

"the home depot does not and will not sell mulch from termite infested trees nor does it utilize any mulch suppliers from the New Orleans areas"

And we checked with Lowes. They said, "No wood, timber or debris from the hurricane damaged areas of Louisiana are used in mulch products sold at any Lowe's stores"

And Ag officials are chipping away at the problem too, enacting a quarantine on all lumber.

To eliminate the pest all together, use local mulch chipped in Grayson County. But regardless of where you get your mulch, it's termite time in Texas, so you'll want to be aware of any unwanted residents at your home.