Preparing for Severe Weather

3-12-06 - LAWRENCE, Kan. (AP) - Severe storms swept through parts of Kansas and Missouri today. They brought winds that knocked over airplanes at the downtown Kansas City airport and ripped roofs off homes, businesses, and buildings at the University of Kansas.

No reports of deaths or injuries.

The National Weather Service had not confirmed whether the storm spawned tornados, but several weather spotters reported twisters in the area.

The storms followed powerful tornadoes that ripped across southern Missouri and southern Illinois last night. The twisters destroyed homes along a path of more than 20 miles and killed a married couple whose car was blown off the road.

Severe weather season is underway in Texoma. Experts recommend early preparation. The National Weather service broadcasts live information on weather watches and warnings on special weather radios. Some are equipped with alarms to wake up homeowners in case of severe weather.

The Red Cross also recommends families keep a disaster preparedness kit handy in the home. According to the Red Cross, families should have a first aid kit, canned food, and at least three gallons of water per person.