Healthy Beef

If beef is what's for dinner, you may be serving your family a healthy dose of vitamins.
Hamburgers and steak probably don't come to mind when you think of health food but a new study shows grass fed beef may actually be good for you.
The Sloan's Creek Farm in Dodd City, TX is making healthy beef by raising cattle the way nature intended. Grass Farmer Nathan Melson said,"we're taking a more organic grass fed approach so we don't have problems with some of the chemicals." The Union of Concerned Scientist show that chemicals are coming from industrial feedlots that raise their cattle on grain. Now the scientist are urging consumers to turn to grass-fed beef. Kate Clancy Ph.D. says,"grass fed beef and and milk have higher amounts of what are being called good fats. The omega -3 fatty acids that help reduce the risk of heart disease and help strengthen people's immune systems. "
Grass fed cattle are also lower in fat, calories, and cholesterol make this beef a prime choice for your health
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