Septic Tank Problems on Texoma

3-14-06 - Communities around Lake Texoma are growing rapidly, but the sewage systems are having trouble keeping up with the growth spurt. The reason the septic systems are having problems is because when they were implemented over 30 years ago, only a few homes existed in the Lake Texoma area.

More than 10,000 home along the lake in Grayson County use septic tank systems for their waste. But in some places, outdated systems are causing sewage to flow to the surface, especially after a long rain. The problem started decades ago when small lots were set up as part time weekend homes. Currently, most residents live in the area full time, which is causing tension on the septic tanks.

There are discussions underway that could establish small treatment facilities to support some of the homes along the lake, but that research is just in the preliminary stages and could take several years to complete.