Road Rage: Man Threatens With Gun

3-15-06 - A case of road rage occurred Wednesday afternoon on an Oklahoma Highway. Deputies say a man was driving northbound on Interstate 35 and apparently got a little aggravated with a driver in front of him who was towing a trailer.

According to authorities the suspect cut off the man driving the trailer so the man in the trailer showed the suspect a gun. The incident occurred just south of the Red River. The man called Love County to report the situation and authorities were able to stop the man who was waiving the gun near Marietta.

They handcuffed the man and questioned him about the incident, but had to let him go since the incident occurred inside of Texas state lines. Deputies confiscated the handgun and if not charges are filed, will return it.

Authorities say if you come across any road rage situation it is best to back off and not aggravate the driver and if you have a cell phone to dial 911.