Heel Spurs

June Allen suffers from plantar fasciitis a condition that affects the heel of the foot, making it so painful you can barely walk. Trying everything, she finally found some shocking good news.

Dr. Coyle DeMoss and his team perform extra-corporeal shockwave therapy, a non-invasive procedure where strong sound waves are sent straight to the area of pain.

Done in just 12 minutes, 16,000 pounds of pressure is applied through shockwaves to break it down, so tissue can rebuild. Commonly referred to as heel spur, more than the traditional cowboy can become a patient. Nearly 25 percent of Dr. DeMoss's patients suffer from this condition.

An FDA approved procedure, it's so new few insurance companies cover such a treatment, but doctors at TMC say it's a better alternative to surgery.

Just minutes after the procedure, patients are coherent and can't wait to get on their feet again.