Office Building Hit By Thieves

3-21-06 - An Ardmore office building was the victim of multiple burglaries Monday night. It’s the second time in the past month that an office building has been hit by thieves.

A few weeks ago, burglars hit an office building in Ardmore, getting away with mostly cash. Last night, some offices in the Neustadt Plaza were broken into and the thieves once again, were after cash.

Police say damage to offices was minimal. The burglars simply pried a door open looking for petty cash. But the crime was enough to make building manager Kenny Brecht a little nervous.

Brecht has encouraged tenants to not keep cash or expensive equipment in the offices, and he says measures are being taken now to step up security in the building, including adding security cameras.

Police are still investigating the burglaries, getting an idea of just how much was taken from the building. Investigators are also considering the possibility that the burglaries last night are somehow related to the burglary a few weeks ago.

Police are asking people who might have seen anything or anyone suspicious at the Neustadt Plaza last night to call Crimstoppers at 580-223-3300.