Waldrip Profile

Grayson County Commissioner Johnny Waldrip balances budgets and road construction in Precinct 1 but it wasn't long ago that he also chased down bad guys wearing the badge of a Texas Ranger. This week his former career put him in the national spotlight.

They say once a ranger always a ranger and for Commissioner Johnny Waldrip it's no different.

"I'm still required to qualify with firearms and I still have full authority and I'm still fully commissioned as a police officer," says Waldrip.

Now a retired Texas Ranger he recalls memories of solved cases and remembers witnessing first hand such tragedies as the siege at Waco and murders not far from home.

One particular case caught the attention of Court TV. It was a case of a man that poisoned two elderly women in order to collect from their will. The episode aired last night on Court TV.

"Its long hard work and you’re completely exhausted but you get so much satisfaction to solve the case and speak for the victims and I was able to put the man away that killed them," says Waldrip.

But that is certainly not the highlight of his career. After three decades in law enforcement, he's seen a lot.

"I think it was a lot safer being a ranger but it's a different world. I've always loved government."

From Texas Ranger to county commissioner he's kept his sense of humor.

"I realized I could possibly help law enforcement more by becoming a county commissioner. One of the things that I can bring to the court is understanding of law enforcement."

Waldrip says law enforcement is in his blood and even though now commissioner he still works with the new Texas Ranger Tony Bennie.