Possible Makeover for Denison Neighborhood

3-23-06 - Newly proposed tax-abatement program could mean a new look for some Denison neighborhoods. An area on the east side of Denison has a lot of aging homes and it has been awhile since it has seen any new development.

But the city council is currently discussing tax-abatements that would not only motivate building in areas, but also encourage homeowners to make some old fashioned home improvements. Homes may still be moving in, but a lot of them are on the outside of the Denison city limits and it is because inside room is running out.

The abatements are not limited to those moving in, but also those who are currently living in neighborhoods like these. The same incentives would be provided to homeowners who make improvements that would increase their property’s value by $5,000.

The council is expected to vote on those abatements at their next meeting on April 3rd.