Jail Escapee Captured by OHP

3-27-06 - Armed authorities searched the streets of Durant Monday afternoon for an inmate who escaped from the custody of Bryan County jail employees. Bobby Madrid managed to walk out of the DaVita Dialysis Center off Main Street in Durant around 1:30 this afternoon, where he was taken for treatment. Madrid was captured around 5:45 p.m. Monday evening.

Madrid was receiving treatment at the center while the jailer was in the room, but it was another patient who spotted him leaving through the back door of the center. A partition was separating the jailer from Madrid, therefore being unable to see Madrid escaping.

Madrid fled the center and headed to a Taco Mayo where SOSU student Robert Bilbay gave him a ride northwest of SOSU. Bilbay said he was unaware of Madrid being on the run.

Madrid was captured at a family members house in the attic. Authorities had been searching the house all throughout the afternoon.

The entire Durant public school system and the Victory Life Academy were on lock down as a precaution. Both school systems let children out of school as normal.