Dog Attack But No Punishment

Four-year-old Logan Tucker was at his aunt's home playing with family dogs back on March 18 when a pit bull bit him on the face.

His father saw it all. Logan was in the living room of the home playing with his dog, a boxer, and the pit bull named Bo. Bo lunged at Logan and as the adults stepped in, the dog continued to lunge at the boy.

Logan suffered injuries to the right side of his face, receiving five stitches. We're told Bo had never attacked a human in the past, but that's little solace for Logan’s dad who's upset the family did nothing.

The family did quarantine the dog, making sure he wasn't a danger to anyone else. The dog was current on his shots and was not considered vicious, so no one but the family had the authority to order the dog to be put down.

The Health Department tells us that in a situation like this, it's up to the family to decide what to do with the dog.