OK House Passes Fire Funding Bill

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) - The Oklahoma House has passed without
debate an $8.9 million firefighter funding bill.

But the political feud over how to replenish rural volunteer fire department budgets and equipment depleted by wildfires might
not be over.

The House voted 96-to-0 to send the Republican-supported bill to
the Senate. But Democrats there say they will not schedule a vote
until House Republican leaders agree to add $5 million to a fire equipment repair and replacement fund.

Yesterday, House Democrats blocked consideration of the GOP bill and called it "watered down." Democrats have accused House GOP leaders of blocking their efforts to help rural fire departments and have supported a$10 million allocation.

Since November 1st, more than 2,800 fires have burned about 560,000 acres in Oklahoma and destroyed more than 300 homes and businesses. The fires also have killed at least three people.