Possible New Look for Ardmore Roads

4-3-06 - Several Ardmore city streets could be getting a makeover soon after the city commissioners meet Monday night to focus on improving and extending some roads in the city.

One of the bigger projects concerns Merrick Road, which runs east to west off North Commerce, and the city engineer is proposing that it be extended to Rockford Road. Currently, Merrick Road only extends a few hundred yards west to Shenandoah Road. The project would give motorists easy east/west access to places like the Ardmore Convention Center and back to Commerce Street.

City officials say that if passed the new proposal could open up the city in a whole new way. Another project that will be discussed at the meeting is the overlaying of ten different stretches of roads in Ardmore. Once the plans and bids for the work are approved, city officials expect the construction to begin within about 60 days.

The ten streets that are slated for improvements are:
1st Avenue SW from Washington to E. Street
Stanley from Washington to G. Street
McLish from E. Street to F. Steet
2nd Avenue NE from E. Street NE to H. Street NE
F. Street NE from 2nd Avenue NE to 7th Ave.
NE Chattanooga Loop
Windsor Drive