Expo Center on Marshall County Radar

4-4-06 - With the Lake Texoma Lodge being transformed into a privately run resort, local leaders in Marshall County are hoping to capitalize on the plans by constructing a new expo center nearby.

The proposed building would sit off Highway 70 between Madill and Kingston and serve as a place for county events, shows, and conventions of all kinds.

The plans have been in the works for some time now, and right now, officials don't plan on asking for a tax increase to help pay for the $3.2 million dollar project. Money is coming from private donations and grants, and construction should begin sometime in the next year.

The Marshall County Chamber of Commerce thinks the expo center will provide a big boost for the area.

Once construction does begin, the project will come in two phases which would total about a year's worth of work. However, if the entire cost of the project is paid up front, the construction could be completed in as soon as six months.