Bryan County Dairy Fined by EPA

Owners of a local dairy that was accused of environmental violations has settled with the EPA. The Alan Ritchey Dairy scaled back its operation in Bryan County two years ago. They were accused of letting manure and bloody liquids run off into nearby streams, as well as the Red River.

The Enivronmental Protection Agency reached a settlement with the dairy for $40,000 in penalties as well as forfeiting any tax deductions.

The story began in June of 2003 when the EPA gave the dairy thirty days to clean up the wastewater runoff and get rid of cow carcasses. While the EPA said Alan Ritchey was showing strong signs of cooperation, residents in Yuba claimed the issue dragged on for too long.

In addition to the $40,000 in fines, the EPA says the dairy will develop buffer areas along the river to filter runoff. They'll also plant trees to serve as odor buffers.

The Alan Ritchey Dairy laid off most of its work force in January of 2004, although it still maintains an operation in Yuba.