Chili's Sign Removed in Ardmore

4-6-06 - If you have driven by the planned construction site for the Ardmore Commons on 12th Street, you might have noticed the restaurant Chili’s was going to be one of the occupants.

The Ardmore Commons was supposed to house a myriad of new businesses like Petco and Chili’s, but now the sign for Chili’s has suddenly changed. The logo on the sign signifying that Chili’s would be coming to Ardmore has been covered up in the last few days.

The reason the sign has been covered is because the deal in finalizing their move to Ardmore has not been done yet. Therefore, until that takes place their name is being removed from the sign. While it does not mean they are not coming, it does not mean they are coming either.

City officials say that while it is good that new businesses like Chili’s want to located in Ardmore, they concentrate their energy on bringing in industries that will result in more money being brought into the economy.