Agencies Unite to Bust Auto Theft Ring

4-6-06 - A major auto-theft ring was uncovered in Bryan County and officials say it is how the different agencies worked together that is the real accomplishment.

A meeting of police officers, troopers, and deputes exchanging information proved to be the break in an almost year long investigation. It all started last June with a chase that ended in a fiery fatal crash. The fleeing car was a Pontiac Firebird, which was stolen out of Durant.

Over the past 10 months authorities have identified more than 14 pieces of stolen property, the operations of what appears to be a decades old theft ring. But it was not until three months ago when District Attorney Emily Redmond began holding monthly meetings that law enforcers has a common case.

Now 25-year old Amanda Sheffield and 30-year old Michael Miller were arrested in Achille on Tuesday morning.

The OHP says the two arrests made Tuesday are just the first of more to come. They expect this investigation to lead to the recovery of $500,000 in stolen property.