Oklahoma ATV Accidents Prompt Bill

4-7-06 - Eleven Oklahomans died in 2005 in ATV accidents and all of them were not wearing helmets. Now a proposed law could force riders under the age of 18 to wear helmets.

A bill to do so just passed through the house committee this week, not only impacting young riders but who can carry a passenger. Under senate bill 18-30, riders under the age of 14 cannot carry passengers unless the ATV was designed for it.

There are places in Texoma that specifically built areas for people to ride their ATV and most require their riders to wear helmets.

But the bill also goes a step further; even minors who ride ATV’s on private property would have to wear helmets. Some lawmakers say the bill is needed to prevent unnecessary deaths from accidents.

The bill has passed through the senate and now faces a vote by the house.