Work-Study Students Get Pink Slips

4-7-06 - Work-study students at Murray State College were notified this week that they would be out of a job by Friday and now the school may be changing its mind while students are scrambling for answers.

74 students at Murray State received a letter from the financial aid office this week saying that Friday they would have to find new jobs. The letter, which was dated Tuesday, said funding for the work-study program was already gone for the year and that their last day of work would be Friday.

Most of the students rely on these jobs as their source of income and the news left them with just a couple of days to find a job. The school cited decreases in overall federal funding have left them with little to no money to pay student workers.

The cutbacks for next year’s work-study program may reach up to $6,000. The school says on average, students are paid an average of $6.00 an hour.