Immigration Protests Continue in Texas

4-10-06 - Thousands marched, rallied and waved U.S. and Mexican flags Monday across Texas. The rallies were part of a nationwide series of demonstrations demanding that Congress clear a path to legal status for an estimated 11 million illegal immigrants.

In Houston, thousands gathered at Guadalupe Park on the city's largely Hispanic Eastside, waving mostly U.S. flags. They held signs that read, in English, "Fix immigration, don't eliminate it," and "Proud American -- I'm here to work." In El Paso, about 300 people marched along a border highway from Sunland Park, New Mexico, City Hall Monday toward downtown El Paso.

Monday, a small plane carrying an anti-immigration banner made a precautionary landing south of Dallas because of an engine problem. That's according to the Federal Aviation Administration. No one was hurt. Television footage showed the banner to read "USA: LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT."

An overhaul of immigration law is stalled in Congress. But activists say the Senate's decision last week not to push a bill that would have given many illegal immigrants a chance at citizenship offers them a chance to regroup.