Possible Closing of Denison Armory

4-10-06 - The federal government has recommended the closure of the Texas National Guard Armory in Denison, leaving soldiers waiting while the state makes up their mind.

The Denison Armory has seen quiet a few changes over the last year, but now the future has become more uncertain after the latest base re-alignment and closure report. The federal committee was put together to evaluate the nations forces and make recommendations on what should be done with each military base. The Denison Armory is one of 43 in Texas that was recommended to be closed and have its unites relocated to a new reserve center in Lewisville.

The evaluation is being done nationwide currently and in Denison they will not do anything until those orders come from the state. The Department of Defense has until 2011 to complete the implementation of the new base re-alignments and closures.