Sago Song Illegally Downloaded

4-11-06 - Local musicians who recorded a song to benefit the families of Sago miners now say any hope of raising money is lost. Despite 40,000 downloads of "They Were Not Alone," users only paid for 600 songs.

The song was promoted in national magazines and sent to radio stations across the country. Listeners were asked to download the song for a dollar fifty. All of the profits would have benefited the victims’ families.

There were hits, but there was a problem. Only seven percent of the downloads were actually paid for.

Two weeks ago, the download link was taken down and the song is no longer available. The record company isn't sure how so many songs were illegally downloaded. The company sent a free link to radio stations so the song could be played on the air. They say it's possible that link got into the wrong hands.

Donations for the victims’ families can still be sent to the West Virginia Council of Churches. You can contact them by going to