Battle of the Lakes: Atoka & OKC Issue

4-12-06 - A classic battle between a big city and a small town could be brewing in Atoka after the latest plans from Oklahoma City to add another pipeline to the local lake.

Water bills are on the rise in the Oklahoma City area as the city deals with increasing demand for water. And their plans to meet that demand include taking more water out of Lake Atoka.

The capital city owns the lake and has been pumping water out of it since the 1960’s, but now they have made plans for a second pipeline in the next 10-15 years to pump more water from Lake Atoka to Lake Stanley Draper. And that is issue is not sitting well with some local preservation groups that say the lake has gradually turned into an eyesore under Oklahoma City’s ownership and another pipe will only further damage the natural ecosystem.

The lake’s defenders say the big city is imposing its will on the small town. The water board wants to improve the lake to help not only Oklahoma City but also Atoka and benefit the residents of Atoka County. The nearby McGee Creek could be affected as plans to take water from it and put it into Lake Atoka to help compensate for the water being pumped out.

Lake supporters have setup a website voicing their concerns and you can visit the site by clicking here.