"No More Idling" for Sherman City Vehicles

4-14-06 - To help save gas money the city of Sherman is not sitting idly by. Sherman city officials asked their employees to submit idea on what it would take to cut down on fuel costs.

Last month a maintenance worker came up with the answer of turning off the engine. With a fleet of 275 vehicles on the road the city’s gas bill runs between $48,000-$54,000 per month. One way they hope to reduce that number means to cut back in idling or leaving the engine running, but not in drive. Now all employees driving city vehicles must turn off the engine when parked for over five minutes.

Mechanics say idling your car for longer than that burns more fuel then it takes to turn it back on. City officials also hope the campaign will prevent unnecessary pollution and excess wear and tear on vehicle engines.

Some vehicles are exceptions of the “idling” rule such as ambulances, fire trucks, etc; which must remain idle in emergency situations.