Man Witnesses Own Home Invasion

4-17-06 - It was a frightening situation for a Durant family Monday morning as their home was burglarized while they slept. Around 5:30 a.m. a house on Worley Street was broken into and several items were taken, but a spur of the moment reaction from one of the residents may have prevented an even bigger altercation.

Greg Howse said he was sleeping Monday morning when he heard people moving inside the house. He barely opened his eyes and saw a man pointing a sawed off shotgun towards him. Howse then heard that man say to someone else, “He is still asleep.”

Realizing what was going on, Greg decided to pretend he was still asleep until he was sure the men were gone. At that point, he got up and discovered a laptop, wallet, purse, and two cell phones were taken. His wife and child were also in the house but were completely unaware of the situation. Police say Howse made the right decision in avoiding a possible confrontation.

Since he was pretending to be asleep in a dark bedroom, he was unable to get a clear vision of the suspect. The description he was able to give police was that the person was wearing blue jeans, a cap, and a colored t-shirt.

Durant authorities need you help in this case, so if you know any information that could be helpful please call the Durant Crimestoppers Hotline at (580)924-8845.