Child Prodigy Mastering Piano

4-19-06 - A Denison boy is not letting his age or his eyesight interfere with his love of music. Colton Hill plays everything from nursery rhymes to the sounds of Beethoven at the age of five.

Colton sees with his fingers and plays from his heart as he was born with a genetic eye disorder and is unable to see his audience, but that does not stop him from hitting all the right keys.

Self taught, this five-year-old began playing at the age of one. And his talent had progressed far beyond children’s songs. Colton’s parents say whenever he started doing Beethoven, they quit thinking about Old MacDonald.

In many ways Colton is just like your average preschooler, but give him a keyboard and he is all business.

Colton practices three hours a day and composes his own music in hopes of becoming a professional pianist when he grows up.