Students Receive Pop Tab Donation for Contest

4-20-06 - Students at Lone Grove schools have been saving pop tabs over the past few months for the Ronald McDonald House and Thursday that effort got a big boost from an Ardmore group.

The students who have been collecting the tabs received a large donation Thursday from the American Iron Riders. The group is based out of Ardmore and brought 27 gallons of tabs to add to the collection for the Ronald McDonald House.

The project was a competition between the grades, and a 5th grader who has parents in the group rounded up support and the 5th grade class won the competition. This is the first time the American Iron Riders have been involved in a project, but say this will not be the last. The group contributed around 160,000 tabs.

For next year’s project, the group plans on setting up drop-off locations for people to donate their pop tabs.