Teen Arrested in Local Vandalism Case

4-21-06 - A string of vandalisms Tuesday night left residents in Tishomingo cleaning up the mess this week. And now some arrests have been made in the case.

Police say late Tuesday night three teenagers were driving around town looking for something to do and the teens found a cure for their boredom that led to trouble. Police say the three juveniles, one of them a female, ages 16-17 vandalized seven different locations late Tuesday night.

They broke out windows with rocks and fence posts. One residence, along with a couple of business as well as the Tishomingo High School was targeted. When police started investigating on Wednesday, they were led to the female suspect. Police found her and she confessed to the crimes later that day. She also told authorities that there were two other teenagers involved in the incident.

Police believe the motive has to do with retaliation against the school. Two of the kids involved have received disciplinary action or been expelled from the school. The suspects were turned over to their parents and the case in now in the hands of juvenile services.